Wednesday, March 18, 2009

shamrock walk

In my life I've waffled between being a hyper-planner and a not making plans at all. I think I've settled on being a go-with-the-flow sort of girl. And I could not have planned this day any better anyway.

I signed up for the Shamrock Walk months ago and sent brother J.R. a link. I talked Dad in to participating in the walk the day before. It wasn't until Dad and I were on our way downtown that I thought to call J.R. and ask if he was running.

We were able to find J.R., my friend Sheila and ran in to some Red Key folks in the thousands of people gathered on the Circle.

The four mile walk went through the city, around Irish Hill and past St. Patrick's Catholic Church. J.R. ran and Dad and I walked. Our goal was to walk fast enough to NOT get get tossed in to the trolley picking up the extra-slow folks.

We did it!

Here is Dad crossing the finish line (J.R. patiently waited for us) with Mike, Johnny and Dawn (Red Key regulars).

The clock shows 1:17, but I think our actual time is closer to 1:15 since we didn't cross the start line for a few minutes. Not bad for a 73 year-old guy and his daughter!

Dad's never met a stranger, especially one with a tray of post-race brownies.

We celebrated after the race in the swanky Columbia Club with a bucket of (fake) beer. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning and I'm looking forward to the next walk with Dad.


Cliff said...

Your Dad is a trooper, no doubt about it.
Neat time had by all. The brownie is a good idea to replace all of those calories burnt. When I walk a few miles I try to follow it with cake.
re: the hoodie. Nebraska went smoke free then it was declared unconstitutional(sp) because they didn't apply it to everyone. It is being redone. I don't believe in it but it's nice going to places with no smoke. But I was kind of making that choice anyway.

Ralph said...

Thanks for the advance notice!
We should all be that lively at 73.

Gette said...

Saw a shirt at work: Welcome to Montana, where you can smoke in the bar and drink in your car.

Rachel said...

That's wonderful that you did the walk with your Dad and brother and friends! Good time too!!

I see a lot of green in that crowd of folks!

Granny Annie said...

You're a better (wo)man than I Gunga Din! Congratulations to you and your dad.

Janell said...

Kudos to you & your dad for a good walk. Sounds like you spent a great day together.

Teresa said...

Fun. I want to do that next year!