Saturday, January 20, 2007

the sweet taste of victory…or so I heard

I live in Indianapolis, home of the Indianapolis Colts.
As you may or may not know, the Colts are in the AFC Championship game for the first time in the history of the Colts being in Indianapolis. As you can imagine (and it really is hard to believe how crazy it all really is) the town in going nuts.
Every news item this week is about the Colts, I even got my name mentioned on the Indianapolis Star sports coverage about the game.

Baltimore pays off on mayoral wager

Mayor Bart Peterson will be swimming in crab when he collects on that bet he had with former Baltimore Mayor, now Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley tomorrow.
The good-natured wager over last week’s football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens has turned into a crab feast that will be prepared and served to about 30 special guests at Second Helpings.
O’Malley became governor on Wednesday but arranged the crab transfer before he changed jobs, according to Joanna Phillips of Phillips Seafood Restaurant.
Philips will fly to Indianapolis later today with her brother, Brice and they will bring enough crab for their chef Dennis Gavagan to prepare a three-course meal of crab cocktail, crab soup and crabcake sandwiches to Peterson’s staff and some members of the Blue Crew, according to Nora Spitznogle of Second Helpings, the local food rescue/job training program.
Brice said her entourage will have dinner tonight at St. Elmo Steak House, the restaurant that was going to supply Baltimore with shrimp cocktail and steak had the Colts lost last week.
- Susan Guyett

It was a really fun day at Second Helpings. The Blue Crew, a rabid (and I say that in the nicest possible way) group of Colts fans came and decorated the class room. The Chef and Phillips family from Baltimore were terrific and good natured.
Our mayor is a big fan of Second Helpings and did a great job of talking about Second Helpings to the press. I’ve added a link to one of the videos, clcik on the title to activate. I'm the one in the black dress against the wall. It got great coverage, all four television stations covered it, a radio station and the Indianapolis Star sent a photographer.
I came to the conclusion that crab cakes must be sexier than deer meat. The press conference on Wednesday to announce the donation of deer meat brought no reporters. Of course the story of hunters killing deer, donating it to us, us hauling it to a prison to be butchered and packaged and our volunteers turning it into deer meatloaf is not for your average noon news watcher.

The only downer to the whole thing? I’m allergic to shellfish.

Go Colts!

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Tee said...

LOL - Crab cakes are way better than deer meat (which I've eaten like 3 times this week!) LOL.

I've heard of the program where hunters donate the deer - I think that's pretty awesome.

And so are you :)