Monday, October 31, 2016


Twenty years ago today I moved into my darling house (the wonderful landlords let me move in a day before the lease started). My dad and I did the whole move in two pickup truck loads and one stuffed Cavalier 
I never imagined how quickly those 750 square feet would feel like home and that I'd wind up buying the place eleven years later.
It's weird to think of how much has changed in the last 20 years - four different cats (Oliver, Alison, Felix, and Tilly), four vehicles (Cavalier , S-10, S-10, HHR), three refrigerators, thirty pounds gained and lost, long hair, short hair, straight and curly hair. The abandoned railroad bed behind the house is now the Monon Trail. Landline to cell phone. No computer to dialup to WiFi. Not to mention that I was in my 30s!
And how could I forget all of the touring musicians that have stayed here!
So much as stayed the same also. I haven't repainted a wall or touched the hardwood floors (beyond vacuuming, of course) or figured out which screens actually fit in which windows. Twenty St. Valentine's Day parties! The backyard is still full of glorious trees and the garage, against all odds, is still standing.
I've loved living here for lots of reasons - the neighborhood is awesome and I've made many friends that live within a few blocks. Not to mention the several restaurants and bars, a record store, a market, garden store, periodical shop, and almost everything you could want all just a few steps away.
I am grateful to the Youngs for having such a great house for such reasonable rent. The inexpensive living allowed me to work at CATH coffeehouse and be part of the community and start writing and get involved in cool things without the pressure to earn a lot of money. That ultimately let to working at the Red Key and my dream job at Second Helpings.
I wonder what the next 20 years at Chez Pez will bring?